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Categoria: British 70s

1276ALAN PARSONS PROJECT, THELimelight x29 €7"promo only
1972ALAN PARSONS PROJECT, THEPsychobabble +Step by step3 €7" 
297ANDERSON, BRUDFORD, WAKEMAN, HOWEOrder of the universe + Fist of fire6 €7" 
4232ASIAAlpha (con tres hojas promocionales)11 €LPfunda interior con letras, promo
4645BEE GEESStayin´ alive + If I can´t have you7 €7" 
1890BILL QUICKMaravillosa gente20 €LPreedición del disco grabado en 1972, CON DOS HOJAS INTERIORES
3267BILL WYMANA new fashion + Seventeen8 €7"promo
4524BILL WYMANSi si je suis un rock star + Rio de Janeiro8 €7" 
4383BLIND FAITHWell all right + Can´t find my way home10 €7" 
2771BRIAN MAYToo much love will kill you + I´m scared6 €7" 
3508BRIAN MAYDriven by you + Just one life6 €7" 
1132CARAVANHeadloss + Memory lain, Hugh15 €7" 
3093CAT STEVENSLady D´Arbanville + Time/ Fill my eyes6 €7" 
3999CHRIS SPEDDINGRoadrunner + Lone rider5 €7" 
1122CHRISTIEIron horse + Every now and then5 €7" 
4627CHRISTIESan Bernardino + Here I am5 €7" 
2498COCKNEY REBELSebastian + Rock and roll parade7 €7" 
1611DAVID BOWIEDancing in the street (with Mick Jagger) + Instrumental 6 €7" 
1997DAVID BOWIEWhen the wind blows +instrumental7 €7" 
1998DAVID BOWIEUp the hill backwards + Crystal Japan8 €7" 
2209DAVID BOWIEUnderground + Instr.9 €7" 
3062DAVID BOWIECat people (putting out fire) + Paul´s theme5 €7" 
3124DAVID BOWIEFame 90 (single versión) + Queen Latifah´s rap versión)7 €7" 
1277DAVID GILMOURBlue light + Cruise6 €7" 
250DEEP PURPLEBlack night + Speed king5 €7"restos de celo en los lados
2302DEEP PURPLEMight just take your life + Coronarias Redig8 €7"etiqueta promo en label
3065DEEP PURPLEKing of dreams + Fire in the basement7 €7"promo only
3189DEEP PURPLECall of the wild + Strangeways6 €7" 
1589DIRE STRAITSTunnel of love parts 1 & 24 €7" 
1721DIRE STRAITSLady writer + Where do you think you´re goibg?6 €7" 
2181DIRE STRAITSExpresso love + Two young lovers8 €7"promo only
2382DIRE STRAITSSkateaway + Solid rock6 €7" 
2611DIRE STRAITSRomeo and Juliet + Solid rock7 €7" 
3072E.L.O.Shine a little love + Jungle5 €7"lyrics
3075E.L.O.I´m alive + Drum dreams5 €7"lyrics
3076E.L.O.Sweet talkin´ woman + Bluebird is dead6 €7"lyrics
3077E.L.O.Hold on tight + When time stood still4 €7"letras en la trasera
3078E.L.O.Evil woman + Poker3 €7" 
343ELTON JOHNFriends13 €LPportada doble, promo con hoja promo
1304ELTON JOHNSimple life x26 €7"promo only
1478ELTON JOHNLady Samantha + Skyline pigeon9 €7"promo only
1713ELTON JOHNThe bitch is back (1 side promo only)9 €7"promo only
2773ELTON JOHNDaniel + Skyline pigeon6 €7" 
2958ELTON JOHNI guess that´s why they call it the blues +15 €7" 
2989ELTON JOHNParis + Gypsy heart5 €7" 
3595ELTON JOHNThe bitch is back (1 side promo)9 €7"promo only
2868ERIC CLAPTONBelieve in life (single & album version)4 €CD Singlepromo
4927ERIC CLAPTONTears in heaven X 2 caras (unplugged)5 €7"promo
1187FACESYou can make me dance, sing...+ As long as you tell him11 €7" 
615FLAMING YOUTHGuide me Orion + From now on26 €7"con Phil Collins antes de Genesis
4477FOTHERINGAYPeace in the end + Winter winds15 €7"pink island, cover unique in the world
272FREDDIE MERCURYLiving on my own (Radio & album mix)8 €7" 
1374FREDDIE MERCURYI was born to love you (promo 1 cara)10 €7"1 side white label promo
3557FREDDIE MERCURYThe great pretender + Exercises in free love4 €7" 
4393FREDDIE MERCURYLove kills (promo, 1 cara)7 €7"1 side white label promo
1870GARY MOOREMoving on (x las dos caras) promo only6 €7"promo only
1615GENESISI can´t dance + On the shoreline5 €7" 
2002GENESISFollow you, follow me + Ballad of big5 €7" 
3370GENESISLive8 €LPedición de 1979
4055GENESISHold on my heart + Way of the world5 €7" 
4286GENESISAnything she does x29 €7"promo only
4287GENESISNo reply at all + Naminamu7 €7" 
4288GENESISMama + It´s gonna get better8 €7" 
4291GENESISIn too deep + Do the neurotic7 €7"promo
4311GENESISNo son of mine + Living forever5 €7" 
4920GENESISJesus he knows me + Hearts on fire5 €7" 
4187GILBERT O'SULLIVANNothing rhymed + Everybody knows7 €7" 
3330GOLDEN EARRINGWhen the lady smiles + Orwell´s year7 €7" 
4356HANOI ROCKSSubterranean homesick blues (Dylan) + Mucho mungo (Lennon)6 €7" 
4953HUMBLE PIENinety nine pounds + Rally with Ali5 €7" 
4275IAN ANDERSONFly by night + End game6 €7"promo
4728JEFF BECKYou know what I mean + Constipated duck5 €7" 
1532JEFF LYNNEArmchair theatre12 €LP 
1110JETHRO TULLA passion play + A passin play10 €7" 
1794JETHRO TULLLap of luxury + Astronomy10 €12" 
2674JETHRO TULLLife is a long song + Up the pool + 318 €EPcaja extra + periódico
2831JETHRO TULLWatching me, watching you + Beastie13 €7"promo only
4625JETHRO TULLNorth sea oil + Elegy10 €7" 
4826JETHRO TULLWitch´s promise + The teacher8 €7"original, mono
3435JIM CAPALDIEve + Going down slow6 €7" 
3157JOE COCKERPardon me sir + She don´t mind4 €7" 
3158JOE COCKERWoman to woman + Midnight rider5 €7" 
3159JOE COCKERFeeling alright + Sandpiper cadillac4 €7" 
3144JOHN MAYALL2401 + The bear8 €7" 
4769JOHN MAYALLGasoline blues + Brand new band8 €7"letras en la trasera
1286JON AND VANGELISThe friends of Mr. Cairo + Beside5 €7" 
905JON ANDERSONSurrender + Spider7 €7" 
4244JON ANDERSONHold on to love (promo, 1 cara)7 €7"promo
3491JUSTIN HAYWARDTightrope + Country girl5 €7"promo
2234KATE BUSHWuthering heights + Kite5 €7"algunos escritos en portada
3669KATE BUSHHammer horror +Coffee homeground6 €7" 
2425KEITH RICHARDSStruggle (promo, 1 cara)5 €7" 
800KEVIN AYERSAm I really Marcel ? + That´s what we did8 €7"con insert
4684KEVIN AYERSThe best we have + Saturday night (in Deya)7 €7"promo
2412LED ZEPPELINTrampled under foot + Black country woaman14 €7" 
4666MANFRED MANNFor you (versión de Bruce Springsteen) + lies5 €7"promo
1722MARC BOLANCat black + You´ve got the power15 €7" 
4737MARC BOLANYou scare me to death +The perfumed garden of Gulliver Smith9 €7" 
2951MARK KNOPFLERQuality shoe (CDsn)6 €CD Singlepromo only
3701MARK KNOPFLERHill farmer´s blues (CDsn)6 €CD Singletour dates, promo only
3702MARK KNOPFLERThe trawlerman´s song (CDsn)5 €CD Singlepromo only, tour dates
3703MARK KNOPFLERBoom, like that (radio edit 4,04) (CDsn)5 €CD Singlepromo only
989MIKE & THE MECHANICSSilent running + I get the feeling4 €7"promo
25MIKE OLDFIELDGimme back + Excerpt II from Amarok5 €7"etiqueta en portada
1943MIKE RUTHERFORDMaxine + A day to remember5 €7"promo
2719MUNGO JERRYIn the summertime + Mighty man6 €7" 
1028PETER GABRIELI go swimming + Solsbury Hill (live)7 €7"pequeña fecha escrita en la frente
1894PETER GABRIELShock the monkey x 2 caras7 €7"promo only
4268PETER GABRIELShock the monkey + Soft dog (instrumental)5 €7" 
4292PETER GABRIELSolsbury hill + Shaking the tree5 €7" 
4293PETER GABRIELDo it yourself + Perspective6 €7" 
4294PETER GABRIELGames without frontiers + The start I don´t remember6 €7" 
4756PETER GABRIELNo self control + Lead a normal life5 €7" 
287PETULA CLARKI missed again + I´m not moving3 €7" 
3291PHILIP LYNOTTDear miss Lonely Hearts + Solo in Soho8 €7"lyrics, letra de una canción al dorso
4377PHILIP LYNOTTNineteen + Dub mix6 €7" 
2736PINK FLOYDSee Emily play + Money +4 (promo sampler )7 €CD Singlefrom Echoes - The best of P.F.
4109PINK FLOYDOn the turning away + live version + Run like hell22 €12" 
4759PINK FLOYDAnother brick on the wall part II + One of my turns6 €7" 
2220PYTHON LEE JACKSONIn a broken dream (canta Rod Stewart) + Boogie woogie Joe 11 €7"tremendo tema con Rod Stewart en su mejor momento
262QUEENHeaven for everyone (CDsn) promo 1 tema5 €CD Singlepromo
492QUEENBohemian rhapsody + These are the days of our lives (CDsn)6 €CD Single 
869QUEENLet me live (CDsn)6 €CD Singlepromo, solo 1 tema
2276QUEENYou don´t fool me (edit & album versions) (CDsn)6 €CD Singlepromo
2524QUEENLas palabras del amor + Cool cat8 €7" 
3553QUEENAnother one bites the dust + Dragon attack5 €7" 
3554QUEENToo much love will kill you + Spread your wings + We will rock you + We are the champions (CDSN)5 €CD Single 
1503RICK WRIGHTNioght of a thousand furry toys + Breakthrough + Satellite + Along the shoreline10 €CD Singlepromo, en digipack
4417ROGER WATERSRadio waves + Going to live in L.A.7 €7" 
4441ROGER WATERSAnother brick in the wall part 2, + Run like hell8 €7" 
279ROLLING STONES, THEAngie + Silver train9 €7" 
561ROLLING STONES, THEMetamorphosis18 €LP 
3743ROLLING STONES, THEWild horses (edit) VSDJ 15785 €CD Singlepromo
3968ROLLING STONES, THEUnder cover8 €LPcon insert y funda interior
5056ROLLING STONES, THEDancing with mr. D + Doo doo doo doo doo9 €7" 
5043SALLY OLDFIELDMirrors + Night of the hunter´s moon5 €7" 
714SHANKAR FAMILY & FRIENDSShankar family and friends23 €LPproducido por George Harrison
114STATUS QUOOL´ RAG BLUES + Stay in the night 5 €7" 
1791STATUS QUOAin´t complaining + Tht´s alright5 €7" 
2437STATUS QUOPaper plane + Sorter ride5 €7"pequeña fecha en portada
3222STATUS QUOMean girl + Tune to the music4 €7"con etiqueta de radio
4169STATUS QUOShe don´t fool me + Jealousy + What you´re proposing + Dear John6 €EPHecho en le República Demov¡crática alemana
4851STATUS QUOThe anniversary waltz (dos medleys diferentes)5 €7"promo only, pequeña fecha escrita en portada
3938STEVE HACKETTEvery day + Lost time in Cordoba8 €7" 
3939STEVE HACKETTThe show + Hercules unchained7 €7" 
80SUPERTRAMPStill in love + Better days7 €LPpromo con fechas de la gira 1985
1383SUPERTRAMPListen to me please (edit & album versions)4 €CD Singlepromo
3946SUPERTRAMPBreakfast in America (live)+Bloody well right (live)9 €7"promo only para 40 principales
3769TEN YEARS AFTEROne of these days + Baby won´t you let me rock´n roll you6 €7" 
2231THIN LIZZYCold sweat + Bad habits7 €7" 
2876TITANICSanta Fe + I see no reason5 €7" 
4656TITANICSultana + Sing fool sing6 €7" 
4780TITANICSliding down again + Rock and roll looser5 €7" 
2983TONY BANKSFor a while + From the undertow8 €7"EX-MIEMBRO DE GENESIS
1485URIAH HEEPEasy livin´ + Gypsy7 €7" 
1748URIAH HEEPStealin´ + Sunshine7 €7" 
2240URIAH HEEPSpider woman + Sunrise5 €7" 
4183URIAH HEEPPrimma donna + Shout it out6 €7" 
4711URIAH HEEPLook at yourself +What should be done7 €7" 
1936VAN MORRISONDweller of the threshold + Northern muse4 €7" 
2514VAN MORRISONA sense of wonder + Haunts of ancient peace (LIve)4 €7" 
689YESOwner of a lonely heart +Our song5 €7"promo
724YESInto the lens + Does it really happen?10 €7" 
776YESRhythm of love x28 €7"promo only
1116YESLeave it +Leave it (acappella)5 €7"promo
3737YESWonderous stories + Parallels10 €7"promo

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