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Categoria: Glam Rock

4663ALICE COOPERYou and me + It´s hot tonight9 €7" 
1607BAY CITY ROLLERSBye bye baby + It´s for you5 €7"con etiqueta promo en el label
1641BAY CITY ROLLERSMoney honey +Maryanne7 €7" 
1778BAY CITY ROLLERSGive a little love + She´ll be crying over you10 €7" 
65BRYAN FERRYSeven deadly sins + Bete noire6 €7"promo only
3688BRYAN FERRYWhat goes on + Casanova9 €7" 
4460BRYAN FERRYLet´s work together + Sea breezes10 €7" 
363DAVID BOWIEThis is not America + Instrumental9 €7"promo
4269DAVID BOWIEFashion + Scream like a baby8 €7" 
3380ENOSeven deadly fins + Later on20 €7" 
120HANOI ROCKSTwo steps from the move19 €LP 
2973HANOI ROCKSUnderwater world + Shakes15 €7" 
4501KISSI + The oath8 €7" 
1771LOU REEDCharley´s girl + Nowhere at all7 €7"promo
3268LOU REEDSally can´t dance + Ennui10 €7"promo
1382NANA MOUSKOURIAhora o nunca 20 €CDcon libreto de 28 páginas, descatalogado
1707ROXY MUSICJealous guy + Roxy 241 €7" 
1708ROXY MUSICOver you + Manifesto5 €7" 
1709ROXY MUSICDance away +Cry cry cry5 €7" 
4384ROXY MUSICPyjamarama + The pride and the pain5 €7" 
4557ROXY MUSICLove is the drug +Sultanesque8 €7" 
4853ROXY MUSICStreet life + Hula kula (no incluida en Lp´s)9 €7" 
2553SLADESkwee me, pleeze me + Kill´em ...6 €7" 
3126SLADEGudbuy t´Jane + Iwon´t let it ´appen agen6 €7" 
3128SLADEMy friend Stan + My town6 €7" 
3129SLADETake me back ´ome + Wonderin´y5 €7" 
3131SLADEWe´ll bring the house down + Wheels ain´t coming down3 €7"promo
4848SLADEThe bangin´ man + She did it to me6 €7"con letras
4849SLADEMy friend stan + My town10 €7" 
4665SWEET, THECo-co + Done me wrong or right5 €7" 
4765SWEET, THEFunny, funny + You´re not wrong for loving me5 €7" 
13T. REXSold gold - easy action +Born to boogie3 €7"escritos en la portada
17T. REXMetal Guru +Lady6 €7" 
259T. REXRide a white swan + It is love5 €7"Mono!!
2006T. REXNew York city + Solid baby5 €7" 
3120T. REXThe groover + Midnight4 €7" 
3121T. REXTelegram Sam + Baby strange6 €7" 
3738T. REXTruck-on Tyke + Sitting here5 €7" 
4400T. REXJeepster + Life´s a gas7 €7" 

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