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1231AMALIA RODRIGUESFormica bossa nossa + Havemos de ir a Viana6 €7"con et
4894AMEN CORNERHigh in the sky + Run, run, run6 €7"promo
4753ANIMALS, THEHow you´ve changed + I believe to my soul + Worried life blues +124 €EP 
814ASSOCIATION, THENot fair at all + Looking glass + Cherish + Don´t blame the rain19 €EPpromo
1608ASSOCIATION, THEWindy +Sometime6 €7"PROMO
1065BEACH BOYS, THEBarbara Ann +There´s no other other (like my baby) + Girl don´t tell me +1 (live)16 €EP 
1155BEACH BOYS, THECollection II - Medley: Do you wanna dance- Cotton fields- Summertime blues- The wanderer4 €7"promo
1950BEACH BOYS, THEGood vibrations + Let´s go away for a while6 €7" 
4505BEACH BOYS, THERock and roll music + T M song7 €7" 
4843BEACH BOYS, THEMedley (Good vibrations , Help me Rhonda, I get around....)5 €CD Singlepromo only
264BEE GEESHow can you mend a broken heart + Country woman4 €7" 
3345BEE GEESRun to me + Road to Alaska4 €7" 
2300BILLIE DAVISVenid conmigo (en español) + Love5 €7" 
2769BILLIE DAVISMake the feeling go away + I´ll come home5 €7" 
1154BILLY CAFAROSerie corazón12 €LPSus 14 mayores éxitos en versión original
2594BILLY J. KRAMER & THE DAKOTASTrains and boats and planes + That´s the way I feel18 €7" 
3085BLUE DIAMONDS, THERamona +Mona Lisa + Siempre + Para mi (en español)7 €EP 
3239BLUE DIAMONDS, THELos B.D. En España: María Dolores + Casanova, bésame + Suliyaki + Un desierto7 €EP 
4137BLUE DIAMONDS, THEQue te deje de querer + Jerico + No lo ves + Buenas noches pequeño mío8 €EPcantado en español
4692BLUE DIAMONDS, THETodas sus grabaciones en español (1960-66)12 €Casettecon libreto, 24 temas
1365BOB AZZAMMustapha + Padrone d´o mare + Tintarella di luna + 16 €EP 
4115BONZO DOG DOO-DAH BAND, THEI´m the urban spaceman + Piggy bank love18 €7" 
1BOX TOPS, THEI met her in church + people gonna talk7 €7" 
1216BOX TOPS, THENeon rainbow + She knows how7 €7" 
3662BOX TOPS, THECho-choo train + Field of clover6 €7" 
3663BOX TOPS, THECry like a baby + The door you closed to me6 €7" 
78BROOK BROTHERS, THEThe Brook Brothers10 €LP 
4225CATERINA VALENTEClassics with a chaser - Werner Muller19 €LP 
1355CHRIS HODGEWe´re on our way + Supersoul 8 €7"uno de los pocos artistas que grabó en el sello Apple
1219CHRIS MONTEZBecause of you + I wish you love + Foolin´ around + Dindi10 €EP 
4751CLIFF RICHARDLa mer + C´est si bon + Boum! + J´attendrai20 €EPcantado en francés
4093CONNIE FRANCISNo, no me dejes + Bésame mucho + Blue winter + Solamente una vez15 €EP 
2618CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN, THEFire + Rest cure5 €7" 
4784DAVE DAVIESDeath of a clown + Love me till the sun shines13 €7" 
2921DAVE DEE, DOZY, BEAKY, MICK & TICHDon Juan + Margareta Lidman5 €7" 
4141DAVID McWILLIAMSDays of Pearly Spencer + Harlem lady6 €7" 
1375DIONThis little girl + Will love ever com my way + Gonna make it alone + Unloved, unwanted me14 €EP 
4480DIONAbraham, Martin & John + Daddy rollin´ in your arms5 €7"con la letra de la canción
4DONOVANUniversal soldier + Ballad of a crystal man + Do you hear me now + The war drags on (337-12)10 €EP 
300DONOVANAtlantis + To Susan on the west coast waiting5 €7" 
3066DONOVANA well known has been + Dark eyed blue jeans angel5 €7" 
3067DONOVANRock and roll souljer + How silly6 €7" 
3068DONOVANMaria Magenta + The intergalactic laxative5 €7" 
3070DONOVANYellow mellow + Sunny south Kensington6 €7" 
3071DONOVANJennifer Juniper + Poor cow6 €7" 
4685DORIS DAYOn the street where you live + I love Paris + 212 €EP 
4281DUSTY SPRINGFIELDAm I the same girl + Earthboud gypsy14 €7" 
4674DUSTY SPRINGFIELDI will come to you + The colour of your eyes13 €7" 
1820ELS XERRACSLa fulla + Jo i tu sols + Jo he pres dels teus ulls + Jo vull això16 €EP1er. grupo de Toti Soler
380ENRIQUE GUZMÁNRecuerdos de oro16 €2xLP 
497ENRIQUE GUZMÁNGrandes éxitos en España. Vol.112 €CD 
498ENRIQUE GUZMÁNÉxitos, Standars, rarezas, Inéditas...vol,216 €2xCD 
3590ENRIQUE GUZMÁNDame felicidad + Oye +29 €EP 
3591ENRIQUE GUZMÁN100 kilos de barro + Harlem español +27 €EP 
3592ENRIQUE GUZMÁNLo sé + Payasito +29 €EP 
3593ENRIQUE GUZMÁNCelos de ti + Oye niña +27 €EP 
3594ENRIQUE GUZMÁNTristes noches + Camino al cielo +28 €EP 
3596ENRIQUE GUZMÁNTe necesito + Mi chiquita +28 €EP 
3597ENRIQUE GUZMÁNMás + En el año 2000 +29 €EP 
3598ENRIQUE GUZMÁNPícara + Me conformo +28 €EP 
3599ENRIQUE GUZMÁNTu voz + Volver a amar +210 €EP 
3726ENRIQUE GUZMÁNOlvidar + Ayer te vi6 €7" 
3687ERIC BURDON AND THE ANIMALSMonterey + Ain´t it so10 €7" 
3689ERIC BURDON AND THE ANIMALSWhen I was young + A girl named Sandoz13 €7" 
3690ERIC BURDON AND THE ANIMALSRiver deep, mountain high + White houses9 €7" 
4961FORMULA VFire brigade + Painting a shadow7 €7" 
1217FOUR SEASONS, TheOpus 17 +311 €EP 
4472FREDDYLass´ Mich Noch Einmal in die ferne +314 €EP 
4566FREDDYHijo vuelve pronto + La guitarra y el mar + La salsa del amor + La paloma17 €EPsung in spanish
2408HARMONY GRASSMove in a little closer + Happiness is toy shaped7 €7"con etiqueta promo
4205HEP STARS, THELet it be me + Groovy summertiem16 €7" 
2017HERMANAS BENITEZChao, chao +1124 €LP 
9HOLLIES, THEMagic woman touch + Indian girl6 €7" 
4454HOLLIES, THEHe ain´t heavy... he´s my brother + ´cos you like to love me12 €7"etiqueta promo
1190IVEYS, THEMaybe tomorrow + And her daddy´s millonaire29 €7"El disco más raro de Apple en España
3846JOE DOLANHaz de mi una isla (en español) + Teresa7 €7" 
3852JOHN WALKERI´ll be your baby tonight + Open the door Homer8 €7"2 versiones de Bob Dylan
2749KINKS, THEAll day and all of the night + I gotta move + Cadillac +128 €EP 
3083KINKS, THECome dancing + Noise4 €7" 
3084KINKS, THEHow are you + Killing time3 €7" 
4878KINKS, THEDays + She´s got everything11 €7" 
4212KULDIPSus grabaciones para Hispavox (1965/67)12 €CDcon libreto
4089LEONARDO FAVIOO quizás simplemente le regale una rosa + Ding dong, estas cosas del amor + Fuisté mía un verano +110 €EP 
4217LES SURFSTú serás mi baby + El crossfire + Chiribiribín + 19 €EPcantado en español
2279LOS 5 LATINOSCome prima +38 €EP 
2280LOS 5 LATINOSLa balada de la trompeta +37 €EP 
2281LOS 5 LATINOSEstando contigo +37 €EP 
2283LOS 5 LATINOSYa es tarde + La búsqueda + El rebelde + La moda6 €EP 
2284LOS 5 LATINOSEnde que te vi +37 €EPvinilo azul
2286LOS 5 LATINOSQuiéreme siempre +1 + 2 de Ana María7 €EP 
2289LOS 5 LATINOSTodo quedo +Me espera4 €7" 
1414LOS MAC´SKaleidoscope men16 €10" (25 cmts) 
2455LOS MOCKERSThe original recordings 1965-196720 €LP 
4276LOS MOJADOSLos encadenados24 €LP 
546LOS TEEN TOPSSus mejores EP´s12 €CD 
4215LOS TEEN TOPSNo no no + Deja el sol brillar + Tramposa +19 €EPAGS 20098
4216LOS TEEN TOPSTu puerta toqué + La suegra + Me quedé contigo + Muchaco triste y solitario9 €EPAGS 20096
4947LOUIS ARMSTRONGWhat a wonderful world + Cabaret5 €7" 
4621LOVIN´ SPOONFULNashville cats + Full measure7 €7" 
902LUIS MARIANOEspaña + Le prince de Madrid + La feria de seville + Florecita11 €EP 
226MAMA´S & THE PAPA´S, THEI saw her again + Go where you gonna go4 €7" 
3089MANFRED MANNSemi-detached suburban mr. James+ Dealer, dealer + Morning after the party +113 €EP 
3090MANFRED MANNHa! Ha! Said the clown + 317 €EP 
3091MANFRED MANNSWeet pea +320 €EP 
4178MARISOLAquel verano + Mami Panchita7 €7" 
5063MARISOLEstando contigo + Rumbita + Canción de Marisol + Bulerias10 €EP 
2638MARY HOPKINLontano dagli occhi + The game6 €7" 
1213MATT MONRONo puedo quitar mis ojos de ti +14 €7" 
1214MATT MONROTodo pasará +15 €7" 
936MIKE KENNEDYI´ll never get you + I´ll never forget5 €7" 
2482MIKE KENNEDYlook in my eyes + Pretty woman10 €7"promo
1550MONKEES, THETear drop city + Valleri +218 €EP 
2732MOODY BLUES, THENights in white satin + Peak hour6 €7" 
3137MOODY BLUES, THENever comes the day + So deep within you8 €7" 
3138MOODY BLUES, THEVoices in the sky + Dr. Livingstone I presume5 €7" 
3139MOODY BLUES, THESitting on a wheel + Sorry5 €7" 
3394MOODY BLUES, THEI´m just a singer (in a rock,,,) + For my lady5 €7" 
3395MOODY BLUES, THERide my see-saw + A simple game10 €7"promo
3397MOODY BLUES, THEGemini dream + Painted smile5 €7" 
3398MOODY BLUES, THEBlue world + Going nowhere5 €7" 
3399MOODY BLUES, THEYour wildest dreams +Talkin´ talkin´5 €7" 
3134MOVE, THECurly + This time tomorrow10 €7" 
3842OLA & THE JANGLERSLet´s dance * Hear me10 €7" 
3843OLA & THE JANGLERSCalifornia sun + Yes I can9 €7" 
3329PLATTERS, THESummertime + People will say we´re in love + But not for me + 112 €EP 
3494PLATTERS, THEStormy weather + More than you know + Every little movement + September song12 €EP 
1837PROCOL HARUMA salty dog + Long gone geek8 €7" 
2405PROCOL HARUMA whiter shade of pale + Lime street blues4 €7"nombre en portada
3163PROCOL HARUMHomburg + Good caprtain Clack7 €7" 
3164PROCOL HARUMSimple sister + Broken barricades6 €7" 
3165PROCOL HARUMA souvenir of London + Toujour l ámour6 €7" 
3167PROCOL HARUMConquistador + All this and more5 €7" 
4655RATTLESDevil´s on the loose + I know you don´t know8 €7" 
4661RENATO CAROSONEMaruzzella + Giuvane cu´a chitarra + T´aspetto e nove + Amaramente8 €EP 
4662RENATO CAROSONEMaruzzella + Giuvane cu´a chitarra + T´aspetto e nove + Amaramente8 €EP 
4546RENEGADES, THEUn giorno tu mi cercherai + Una rosa da Vienna33 €7"grupo escandinavo cantando en italiano
420ROLLING STONES, THERock ´n´ Rolling Stones20 €LP 
3011ROLLING STONES, THEBrown sugar + Bitch7 €7" 
3441RONNIE BONDAnything for you + Carolyn16 €7"ex Trggs member
3882SANDIE SHAWQue tiempo tan feliz + Londrés7 €7"en español
4457SANDIE SHAWYou´ve not changed + Gypsy eyes6 €7" 
2845SEARCHERS, THETake me for what I´m worth10 €LP 
3815SERENDIPITY SINGERSThe boat that I row + Love to love10 €7" 
794SHADOWS, THERhythm & Greens + The miracle16 €7"muy raro
1128SHADOWS, THEThe third man + The fourth man5 €7" 
4091SHADOWS, THEDeer hunter (O Caçador) + Bermuda triangle7 €7" 
4773SHADOWS, THEMozart forte + Midnight creeping6 €7" 
1662SHOCKING BLUE, THEVenus + Hot sand4 €7" 
1960SHOCKING BLUE, THERock in the sea + Broken heart5 €7" 
3016SHOCKING BLUE, THEMighty Joe + Wild wind9 €7" 
3854SHOCKING BLUE, THEShocking you + Waterloo7 €7" 
2808SIR DOUGLAS QUINTETNuevo Laredo + texas me5 €7"pequeño pelado en esquina inferior izquierda
4246SPOTNIKS, THEBe bop a lula + Habanera + Bye bye blues17 €EP 
2512TOMMY JAMES & THE SHONDELLSMony, mony +15 €7" 
3781TONY VILARDespeinada + Mira como me balanceo +215 €EP 
4214TORQUATO Y LOS 4Selene + Madison dance + Guarda come dondolo +19 €EP 
819TORREBRUNOUno para todas + Ojos negros, cielo azul + Amor, mon amour, my love + Giovane, giovane9 €EP 
906TREMELOESSay O.K. + Pinky6 €7"promo
2627TREMELOESAleluya + Rag doll5 €7"promo
4182TREMELOESSilence is golden + Let your hair hang down4 €7" 
4297TREMELOESSilence is golden (New recording) + Dub version6 €7" 
4299TREMELOESI want candy + Uncle Willie4 €7" 
4300TREMELOESSuddenly you love me + As you are4 €7" 
4303TREMELOESI shall be released + I miss my baby4 €7" 
4304TREMELOESToo late to be saved + If you ever3 €7" 
4305TREMELOESBy the way + Breakheart motel4 €7" 
4306TREMELOESHello Buddy + My wife5 €7" 
4307TREMELOESI like it that way + Wakamaker4 €7" 
4308TREMELOESEven the bad times are good + Jenny´s alright5 €7" 
4309TREMELOESBlue suede tie + Yodel ay5 €7" 
4310TREMELOESMe and my life + Try me4 €7" 
1526TROGGS, THEWild thing + With a girl like you + From home + I want you12 €EP 
3281TROGGS, THEYou can cry if you want to + There´s something about you10 €7" 
3436TURTLES, THEElenore + Surfer Dan8 €7" 
2262UDO JURGENSPer vivere + Ridendo vai5 €7"cantado en italiano
342VENTURES, THESuperstar revue parts 1 & 26 €7" 
1048WALDO DE LOS RIOSOperas 10 €LPportada doble con apertura central
2053WALDO DE LOS RIOSOberturas (Rosamunda +7)11 €LP 
2546WALDO DE LOS RIOSConciertos10 €LP 
2920WALDO DE LOS RIOSMozartmanía10 €LP 
3039WALDO DE LOS RIOSCorales10 €LP 
4562YOUNG BLOODGreen light + Don´t leave me in the dark6 €7" 
2754YOUNG RASCALS, THEGroovin´ + Groovin´(en español) + Sueño + Too many fish in the sea22 €EP 

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