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1420AMERICAGod of the sun + Down to the water6 7" 
1661AMERICATodays the day + Hideway part II5 7" 
4274AMERICACon tu pelo tan dorado (es espaol) + Company (en ingls)7 7"letra en la trasera
4279AMERICARainbow song +Muskrat love6 7" 
3577APRIL WINEGimme love + Marjorie8 7"w.l. Promo
3578APRIL WINERock n roll woman + Childs garden8 7"w.l. Promo
3579APRIL WINETell me why + Runners in the night6 7"titles in spanish
3580APRIL WINEJust between you and me + Bad city girls6 7"titles in spanish
2718BILLY JOELKeeping the faith + Shes right to me1 7"lyrics
687BOB DYLANWigwam + Copper kettle5 7" 
1111BOB DYLANHeart of mine + Let it be me6 7"lyrics, letra de una cancin al dorso
1143BOB DYLANHuracn partes 1 & 29 7"c/letras
1690BOB DYLANSaved15 LP1 edicin espaola, funda interior con informacin + hoja con las letras
1763BOB DYLANShot of love12 LP1 edicin espaola, funda interior con informacin
1930BOB DYLANSlow train coming14 LPfunda interior + hoja interior con letras
3086BOB DYLANGeorge Jackson parts (VERSIONES ACSTICA Y GRAN BANDA)9 7"pequea fecha en la portada
3746BOB DYLANOn a night like this + You angel you12 7" 
4082BOB DYLANSaved + Are you ready6 7"letras en la trasera
4175BOB DYLANChanging of the guard + New pony6 7"lyrics, letra de una cancin al dorso
4348BOB DYLANAnimals + When he returns7 7" 
4349BOB DYLANMan gave name to all the animals + When he returns5 7"lyrics, small name on cover
4350BOB DYLANBaby stop crying + We better talk this over2 7"celo en los lados
4353BOB DYLANUnion sundown + Angel flying too close to the grou6 7"lyrics
4357BOB DYLANBand on the hand (B- Michael Rubini)5 7"etiqueta de radio en la portada
35BOB DYLAN & THE BANDThe basement tapes22 2xLP 
3849BOB SEGER & THE SILVER BULLET BANDOld time rock & roll (1 side promo only)5 7"promo
3850BOB SEGER & THE SILVER BULLET BANDFire lake + Long twin silver line6 7" 
4084BOB SEGER & THE SILVER BULLET BANDEven now + Little victories + (single en directo: Weve got tonight + Brave strangers)6 2xSG 
3283BRIAN WILSONNight time x26 7"promo only
1174BRUCE SPRINGSTEENWar (live) 8 7"white label promo
1349BRUCE SPRINGSTEENBrilliant disguise + Lucky man7 7"con la letra de las canciones
1358BRUCE SPRINGSTEENToughter than the rest (promo 1 cara)8 7"yellow label promo
4572BRUCE SPRINGSTEENHungry heart + Held up without a gun12 7"lyrics, letra de una cancin al dorso
4724BRUCE SPRINGSTEENCover me + jersey girl9 7"con la letra de la cancin
230CANNED HEATLets work together + Im her man7 7" 
2596CANNED HEATOne more river to cross + Highway 4016 7" 
3154CANNED HEATGoing up the country + Kind favor8 7" 
3797CARPENTERSClose to you + Tiket to ride5 7" 
4902CARPENTERSWeve only just began + Love is surrenr5 7" 
233CHICAGO25 or 6 to 4 + Where we do go from here5 7" 
2932CHICAGO25 or 6 to 4 + Where do we go from here5 7" 
3261CHICAGOCHICAGO TRANSIT AUTHORITY11 LPedicin espaola CON 1 SOLO LP y portada nica
4267DON McLEANAmerican pie parts I & II7 7"letra en la trasera
4277EAGLESThe long run + The disco strangler5 7" 
4508EAGLESTake it to the limit + Lyin eyes5 7" 
4860EAGLESAlready gone + Is it true?5 7" 
430ELVIS PRESLEYRased on rock11 7" 
3630ERIC BURDONProclama a War19 LP 
169GRAHAM NASH & DAVID CROSBYInmigration man + Whole cloth9 7" 
4469HEARTBarracuda + Cry to me6 7" 
434IGGY POPStarry night x27 7"promo only
507JACKSON BROWNEStay + Rosie5 7" 
319JIMI HENDRIXValleys of Neptune + Cat talking to me12 7" 
4056JOHN DENVERFarewell Andromeda + Id rather be a cowboy5 7"promo
4058JOHN DENVERLike a sad song + Pegasus4 7"promo
3247JOHN FOGERTYJambalaya + Working on a building6 7" 
193JOHNNY RIVERSSeptember song ( con Robert Wyatt) +66 7"Edicin especial promo
1301JOHNNY WINTERIllustrated man x26 7"promo only
4125JOHNNY WINTERJohnny B. Goode + Im not sure5 7" 
702KANSASDust in the wind +Paradox8 7"letras en la trasera
3479KANSASPeople of the south wind + Stay out the trouble4 7"letra de un tema en la trasera, promo
1326LEONARD COHENThe partisan + Suzanne9 7"orange CBS special laminated issue with inner bag lyrics
1696LEONARD COHENDance me to the end of love (one side white label promo)7 7"lyrics, letra de una cancin al dorso
2798LEONARD COHENPassing through + Nancy (LIVE)5 7" 
5030LINK WRAYIt was a bad scene + Backwoods preacher man17 7" 
456LOU REEDWho am I (Tripitenas song)5 CD Singlepromo
2126LOU REEDI love you, Suzanne + Vicious4 7"promo
4787LOVEStand out + Doggone21 7"portada abierta por arriba (torn cover)
3659MOUNTAINSouthbound train + Blood of the sun10 7" 
1314NEIL DIAMONDCherry cherry + Morningside5 7" 
2047NEIL DIAMONDWalk on water + High rolling man4 7" 
2924NEIL YOUNGLets roll (cdsn)4 CD Singlepromo only
4241NEIL YOUNGHeart of gold + Sugar mountain7 7" 
750PATTI SMITHBecause the night + God Speed6 7"letra en la trasera
1546PATTI SMITHPumping my heart + Ask the angels7 7"promo sticker on label
3302PATTI SMITHFrederick + Fire of unknown origin7 7" 
3258PAUL SIMONMother and child reuinion + Paranoia blues5 7" 
3767PAUL SIMONGraceland13 LPfunda interior con letras
2443POCOCmon + I guess you made it6 7" 
4504RICHIE HAVENSHere comes the sun + To give all your love away10 7" 
1455SANTANAJingo + Persuasion5 7" 
2224SANTANAEvil ways + Waiting5 7" 
4736SANTANAFlor de luna + Transcendance5 7" 
772SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY & A. JUKESCaptured + Love is the drug4 7" 
1113SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY & A. JUKESAll I want is everything + Paris4 7" 
3061STEPHEN STILLSGuaguanco de Vero + Isnt it about time5 7"lyrics, letra de una cancin al dorso
1539STEPPENWOLFWho needs ya + Earschplittenloudenboomer6 7" 
1920STEPPENWOLFSnow blind friend + Hippo stomp50 7" 
3141STEPPENWOLFScreaming night hog + Corina, Corina5 7" 
3143STEPPENWOLFMonster + Berry rides again5 7"promo sticker on label
3146STEPPENWOLFFor ladies only + Sparkle eyes5 7" 
3147STEPPENWOLFCarolina + Angeldrawers5 7" 
3148STEPPENWOLFHey Lawdy mama + Twisted5 7" 
1931VAN MORRISONBright side of the road + Rolling hills5 7"pequea fecha en la portada
4102Z Z TOPIts only love + Asleep in the desert15 7"promo
4103Z Z TOPThe ZZ top summer holiday ep; Tush + Got me under pressure + Bear drinkers...+17 EP 
4105Z Z TOPGimme all your lovin + If I could only flag her down6 7" 
4171Z Z TOPDoubleback x25 7"promo only

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